Welcome to Center for Information Management

Center for Information Management, Inc. has been building IT (information technology) solutions in partnership with our customers since 1980. CIM Inc. operations presently encompass IT strategic planners, software developers, quality assurance testers, an automated help desk, and a fully equipped and secure application hosting data center. We have served a diversified group of clients, including businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

CIM Inc. specializes in helping customers unable to find a software package that truly meets all their needs or are frustrated with incomplete information from their patch quilt of several packages and self-programmed tools, such as spreadsheets.  We take the time to learn how their business works and then we create an information management solution that matches their unique processes.

Being in business since 1980 means CIM Inc. will be there when customers need us to maintain and support their solutions.  Our richly-featured portable and web-based tools are engineered to be versatile and flexible, making customization a cost-effective alternative to the limitations of pre-packaged software systems. Contact us for a demonstration today.